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Top Ten Ways to Become a More Holistic Runner

The term “holistic” is concerned with whole systems and how they relate to each other rather than individual systems. So, a holistic runner is always relating to a complete system made up of their mind, emotions, spirituality and all of the physical components such as strength, flexibility, lactate threshold, VO2 max, running economy, etc. In contrast, a non-holistic runner may look at only one or two individual components at a time. A holistic runner also keeps an open mind and considers all training techniques, workout components and race distances. A more non-holistic runner is generally more dogmatic about specific training methods, training runs and goal distances. Holistic type runners are usually more successful because they are lifelong runners that run for the pure joy of running and are flexible enough to overcome any running obstacle. Would you like to be a more holistic runner? Here are our top ten ways to become a more holistic runner.

Run Year Round

Most holistic runners aren’t born, they acquire holistic tendencies through knowledge and experience. Running only for race season or for specific goals usually won’t get you to the holistic level. Run year round and make running part of your life. Then you will be on the path to holistic running.

Mix it Up

Running as a whole includes long and slow distance running, fast running repeats, hill running, stamina training, road running and trail running as well as many other types of running. Don’t fall into a rut of one type of running. To develop yourself as a holistic runner you should always try to include a wide variety of running paces and conditions. Also keep an open mind on training techniques. Don’t criticize or ridicule those with different training ideas or techniques. They just might be on to something.

Go Low Tech

A non-holistic runner becomes a slave to their running watch. They are too concerned with exact pace. Lose your watch, your GPS and your computer program, and move to the holistic side of running. Learn to run by feel. Learn what your paces feel like and listen to your body’s feedback.

Go for the Joy

If there is one emotion absolutely essential for holistic running, it is joy. You must love running and run for the pure joy of running. Only then will you truly be able to put aside the negative thoughts and emotions associated with less emotionally positive goals such as competition, performance or weight loss. It’s not that those are bad goals, they are very good goals. But striving for those goals alone without the support of a love for running is setting yourself up for failure and a non-holistic running life.

Practice Enlightenment

Enlightenment has many definitions, but in essence, it refers to a complete lack of egotism and a feeling of being one with all things. It is a freedom from suffering, desire and ignorance. How does this make you a more holistic runner? Holism isn’t just a physical thing, it also has a spiritual component. Part of the barefoot running trend has its roots in holism. Running barefoot connects you to the earth and gives you the impression of belonging to a much greater whole. Enlightenment isn’t something you’re born with, you need to practice it. Practice feeling the earth and the environment around you when you run. Feel the earth under your feet and the wind passing over your body. Open your mind and take it all in. You are well on the path to becoming a holistic runner.

Lose the Ego

As mentioned above, a big part of enlightenment is a complete lack of egotism. To continue on the path of a holistic runner you need to lose the ego. I know, that goes against the grain of competitive running. It takes a big ego to develop the desire to pummel your fellow competitors into the ground. But this is about becoming a holistic runner, not a hardened competitor. Remember you are running for the pure joy of running. Quit being concerned with times, pace or performance and focus on the joy of running, becoming one with your running and practicing compassion for your fellow runners. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take part in competitive races. On the contrary, competing is still a big part of a holistic runners life. You just need to change your attitude about competition. Run for the joy of running, the exhilaration of the competition and the comradeship of your fellow competitors.

Strengthen and Lengthen

Yoga and Pilates are great cross training exercises because they lengthen and strengthen your muscles at the same time, which is ideal for building your running strength. Muscular strength and flexibility is an important piece of your holistic running puzzle. It will not only make you a more holistic runner but will also improve your injury resistance.

Goal, Goal, Goal

Many non-holistic runners may have only one or two goals. They may be training to complete a marathon or running for weight loss. A holistic runner runs for many reasons and has many goals. Don’t limit yourself to one reason to run, enjoy and embrace them all. Run for fun, fitness, stress reduction, competition, motivation, charity, compassion, spiritual growth and any other reason you can think of. The benefits of running are endless, so take them all in.

Train Your Brain

At one time I thought running was 100% a physical exercise. Later I began to realize that a large portion of running is mental. Today I am convinced that running is mostly a mental/spiritual exercise. Train your brain along with your body. How do you train your brain? I think you need to challenge your brain in two ways. First you must improve your power of positive and compassionate thinking. Don’t let negative or destructive thoughts enter your head. Second, you need to challenge your brain with physical challenges by including very hard training workout on a consistent basis. Do those two things and your brain will be up to the holistic challenge.

Be Flexible

Before I became a holistic runner I had a very strict and unyielding running schedule. I just had to get in my planned workout for that day, no matter what. I become very fit, but I wasn’t a happy runner. The inflexible nature of my training program destroyed the joy of running. Don’t let a lack of flexibility throw a blockade into your holistic running path. Being a holistic runner involves more than just running. You must make running a functional part of your whole life, including your non-running life.

Source: Running Planet

My Birthday Run

How to celebrate a birthday! =)

Last year (2010), I celebrated my birthday by running 21k (2nd) at Rexona Run. On that event I achieved a PR from 2hrs 16 mins down to 1hr 45mins. As a celebrant, He gave me an extra boost/strength to finish the course injury free. Oh well, that was my last year celebration.

Pre-Birthday Run (Milo Marathon)

July 31, I woke up early to join at 35th Milo marathon, thanks to Mr. Natz for the bib, get well soon bro. I ran for his bib, a 42km distance. Using his bib I decided to pace ultra runner Alex Jonesy Jones. I arrived 20 minutes before the gunstart. Alex arrived but we’re late about 10 minutes after the gunstart. A wet and cold run due to non-stop rain and wind. But honestly, I loved the weather and good for breaking a PR but I know my role =). Aside on having a good weather, overflowing water and powerade plus unlimited bananas that serves as my breakfast. After reaching the turning point at Lawton avenue, I thought he can set a PR cutting less than an hour compare to his Condura’s record. But he already suffering pain (according to him) and he want me to finished the race ahead. From kilometer 30, he almost giving up but I forced him to jog and walk from point to point, slowly and never missed hydration area for sponge and hydration. I checked my watch from time to time, minute by minute, computing if we’re gonna make it before the given cut-off.  I always reminded him not to give up and think for the rewards after finishing the race. Last 3km, I’m already worried that we’re not going make it on time and thinking to grant his wish to left him and finish the race alone. But I insist to pace him until we saw the finish line, so last 100m or less I told him I’m going to sprint and wait him to finish area. At last we did it clocking 5:44:xx and 5:45:XX respectively. Sorry bro, I left you behind, hahaha. But he still set a new PR. A good experience at Milo while pacing Alex Jones. From this event I’ve learned something, I’m excited for my next marathon and hoping to set my PR (a sub-4).  A good warm up and comeback run since my last official run last June 5, Mens Health All terrain held at Nuvali Laguna. Oh, Congrats for me for running a marathon using my VFF Komodo. Even though  my feet was wet from start to finish, still no blisters nor cramps! Thanks God for the strength and care.

Alex and I after the run.

The Day When I was Born

August 1, thank you Lord for additional day that You entrust on me. This day should be my birthday run, but I felt the effect of past run. Pain on left thigh and back of right knee, hoping is not ITBS.  I woke up early as 3:30AM to prepare for a run, but my body says, I need a rest. So I off my CP (alarm) and went to sleep.  A night after marathon, I washed all my wet things should be used in the morning: shirts, boxer brief, short and my vff. Then I woke up on my usual time, 5:30AM. Ate my breakfast while watching news. Around 10AM, I went to Bayad center to pay Meralco bill then went to mall, walking around to stretch my painful legs :). At 2PM I went to computer shop and relax, update my blog site, read and post comments. The day was end. Thanks God for the good health, strength, additional year and a new hope. Thanks to all who greeted me! =)

Post-Birthday Run (August 2)

Since I didn’t run on my birthday, I decided to pursue my initial plan, to run from FTI Taguig going to Imus, Cavite today. I woke up 5:30AM, packed my things: 8 pieces bananas, 1 bottle of water a digital camera, paper & pen. A rainy and cold weather, I started running at 6:20AM and finished at 12:54PM. From FTI to Alabang it took 1hr and 30 minutes. And it took almost an hour before I found the way going to Daang-hari. At 10:38AM, I arrived at intersection going to Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Along the way, I experienced blurring of sight and yellowish urine (a sign of dehydration?). Honestly, along the route its hard to find store to buy water or sports drink.

At Katarungan Village
Welcome To Bacoor
SM Molino

A big smile from my face while exiting to Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, from there I ran until I reached Imus, Cavite. Due to boredom and pain, I end up there covering 35+ kilometers.

The gift I received from my run, no chaffing on both legs unlike after running on Milo (how does it happen, secret? hehe) and still no blister. And of course, MUSCLE PAIN! =)

Will I do this again next year?

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