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December is coming! !

Corregidor International Half Marathon

December is coming, and yes Corregidor International Half Marathon is one of my awaited event for this year since I experienced and enjoyed it last year. A dual purpose event, a great chance to had a vacation (visited historical site) and joined on this event, that was the reason why I joined at Corregidor International Half Marathon.

Toured around the island, met new friends and of course I enjoyed running on historical island. Took pictures and video while running was a great experience too =). My personal record on this event was 3:02:42, a personal best or worst? I just enjoyed the tour with my own feet (there’s a tour package). Though I experienced cramps on last kilometer still manage to finish the course.

After that great experience, I promised to myself that I will join again not to took videos nor pictures but to race it for another experience, lung busting run. But unfortunately, it doesn’t fit to my schedule. OH well, there always be a next time and looking forward on it 🙂

Video and some pictures =)

Video Here: Corregidor International Half Marathon Footage


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